Are Unfiled Tax Returns Your IRS Problem?

We offer tax preparation assistance in Farmington Hills, MI for prior tax years

Filing your old tax returns can be a difficult process, especially if your financial situation is a complicated one. Don't put if off and risk paying steep penalties and interest.

an accountant working on tax services in FARMINGTON HILLS, MI

You can trust Tax Resolution Services Of Michigan, PLLC to correctly file your unfiled tax returns.

Simply bring us your tax documents for the tax years that have not been filed, and we will:

  • Organize and file your taxes, even if you have missed the tax filing deadline.
  • Verify that your late tax returns are filed correctly.
  • Make sure you get your tax refund before the statute of limitations expires

Call 248-985-4357 today for expert tax preparation assistance in Farmington Hills, MI, Oakland County and the state of Michigan.

Complex tax situations made easy

If you are years behind, the IRS may file your taxes for you, without any thought to deductions you might qualify for. We can help to get compliant with your tax filing requirements. Come to us for a free confidential consultation and advice about what you need to do to get your finances back on track.