Protect your personal assets from IRS execution in Farmington Hills, MI

Do not risk having your wages or bank accounts garnished or notice of tax lien filed on your home

Are you worried about losing your home due to unpaid taxes or having your wages garnished? You do not have to put your family home at risk. Tax Resolution Services Of Michigan, PLLC offers specialized tax representation if you have an outstanding tax debt.

Having IRS Tax Issues?

If the IRS threatens to garnish your wages, place a lien on your property, or seize your home:

  • Do not contact the IRS about your levy or lien.
  • Work with our team to get your levy or lien removed.
  • We will help you protect your assets. 

If you are worried about losing your home due to unpaid taxes, contact Tax Resolution Services of Farmington Hills, MI for a free confidential consultation.

Lien vs. levy: Learn the difference

These tax penalties have very different implications. According the IRS, a lien is a legal claim to your property in the event that you don’t settle your tax debt. A levy involves legally seizing your property to satisfy your tax debt. You can rely on Tax Resolution Services to help you understand your situation – and help resolve it, too.